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Lamborghini Gallardo F2.1 Body Kit

The FXdesignCARS F-2.1 or F-2.0 body kit will re-modify and redesign your entire Lamborghini Gallardo. Influenced by its successor The Aventador, this kit will give your Gallardo a complete makeover. It will add creative curves with an overall unique, courageous, and visionary design that will turn your machine into a masterpiece.

The main focus of the initial project was based on two aspects: aerodynamics and preserving the character of the brand. These combined goals have resulted in what we see today: a simply inspirational design. Not only has the air intake and cooling system been enhanced for better performance by the design, but the rest of the vehicle has improved aerodynamically with style . The rear spoiler has also been modified for better stability during extreme driving.

In addition to all these awesome new features and a new chic design, we only have more to offer you. By installing this body kit on your precious baby, you will not only make your beast wider, but also turn it from a 2003-11 model into a 2012-15 mini Aventador. All you need to do is change out the headlights and tail lights, in addition to a few other parts. Contact us to find out more about this kit and how you can get your hands on it.

This is more than just an ordinary body kit, it is a complete makeover for your outdated Lamborghini Gallardo. Just keep in mind, luxury is not what everyone can buy. Real luxury is showing your style through customization.


* If you have a 2012-2015 Gallardo, only a few minor things will be required to complete the project. Contact us for more details.


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Available Packages

Feel Free to contact us with any additional questions or requests

Package 1 INCLUDES
  • front bumper w/ integrated lip spoiler
  • rear bumper w/ integrated diffusor
  • front fenders
  • side skirts
  • door panels
  • air-intake panels
  • complete rear panel attachments
  • front hood (bonnet)
  • Aventador OEM exhaust tip or SLS  dual tips
  • rear spoiler
  • custom mounting brackets & hardware included


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